About us

KrawlnNet is our venture to provide services for advertiser & publisher to run the affiliate programs effectively. KrawlNet has massive active products from across retailers from various countries that can readily and effectively allow publisher to grow their business. KrawlNet was created to address the pain points that both advertiser and publisher has to go through.

How it works?

KrawlNet's proprietary technology imports your feed to validate and auto correct field values that are essential by running through hundreds of feed rules. We ensure that the feed has no stale products and each feed complies to the specification set forth by publisher and marketing channels. The feed is optimized by enhancing the product categories that is essential for publishers to map each retail product to their taxonomy. Our services allows publisher to capture daily deals and coupons without having them to scout through all the retail stores. Exclusion on deals and its expiry are automatically handled for each product. To visual search engine, we provide, hex color of products thereby allowing customers to search based on product color.

KrawlNet helps small, medium and large size orgnaizations to cost effectively manage and optimize their data feeds.

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