Affiliate Feed Optimization



Mostly, you use affiliate network feed for tracking your commission. The feed from the network are sometimes unreliable, inconsistent or bad. For this you have to spend time, energy, resources and money to improve the bad contents which otherwise makes the content on your website bad. Every network has different format of feeds, CSV | XML | JSON. There are various attributes or fields and the values may not be consistent with the values of another feed from same network. For instance, the network feed may have sizes in range S - XL where as another feed may list all sizes available eg. S - M - L - XL. In some case, sizes may be delimited with comma, pipe or any other delimiter. Some time the required information may not be useful or may not be present at all. Missing Image URL, Missing categories, duplicate records are some of common problems. In short, there are various issues with the network feed.

KrawlNet, feed network optimization service, overcome all these challenges of the network feed by optimizing every feed daily to provide feed in one standard format. The network feed are parsed, consolidated for de-duplication, cleansed, normalized, validated and submitted daily. If required attributes are missing then we use our data aggregation service to grab the required field.

Retailer often submit their product catalogue to affiliate network for tracking and distributing their inventory across various publishing channels. Every publisher has their own feed specification that one single feed format may not cater. Failure to provide a required attribute may prevent those items from showing up on search result, whereas failure to provide recommended attributes may result in items showing up less frequently. Moreover, the feed must be correct, complete and should be submitted daily for freshness of inventory. Submitting a feed in one standard format considering all the requirements of every publisher is difficult and could risk your campaign.

KrawlNet's feed network optimization service, develop feeds in format required by publisher. The network feed are parsed, consolidated for de-duplication, cleansed, normalized, validated and submitted daily. Merchants having no/limited capabilities to generate feed can leverage on our data aggregation service for development, management and feed submission to affiliate and publishers.

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